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Photo Bellagro или Dream Hairs

The world of hairdressing has been replenished with two new technologies of hair extension: Bellargo and Dream Hair. The differences in technology are insignificant, and the results are really impressive. Let's look at what is interesting about both innovative methods.

The service is offered for short and medium length hair. Own strands of about 5 cm long can be extended to the shoulders. Those that have 15 cm - up to 0.5 m, and longer-and 80 cm.

Features of capsule-free extension.

LUXURY-CLASS is the best technologies offered to clients from London and other cities of England. They offer completely safe hair extension methods that are suitable for girls with problematic hair.

1. Recommended for the fairer sex, for which it is important that personal strands experienced minimal stress.

2. The use of cartridges is absolutely harmless. Plus, they are completely invisible on the native hair and are not felt when tactile touch.

3. With a capsule-free build-up, any hairstyle is possible.

4. Any care products you apply in the usual way, without fear of damaging the place of fixation.

5. Their hair does not experience tension, remain quite mobile.

6. Hairstyle with elongated strands "worn" without discomfort, loss of their own hair does not occur.

7. It is allowed to visit the pool, summer swimming in open water sources.

8. Long-term wear with rare corrections.

9. The ability to perform any hairdressing manipulation to change the shade, twisting the ends of the hair dryer.

10. After removing the extended fragments, your own hair retains its original characteristics.

There are very few prohibitions: thermal processes in the form of saunas and baths, personal restrictions related to the disease of the scalp, alopecia, taking strong drugs, the behavior of chemotherapy.

Bellargo Technology.

On a thin strand of their own hair, retreating from the roots of 4-5 cm, not fully tied knot. A thin, polymer sleeve of no more than 3 mm is stretched on it. the donor material is dragged through the hole with a Hook, and the hair junction is quickly soldered with hot tongs. The sleeves do not give a hermetic effect: through them air, water and sunlight come to the strands. The hair is only surrounded by a polymer, but does not shrink to deformation.

Dream hair technology.

The donor strands are connected to the native hair using very small capsules with keratin vitamins. First, they are represented by powder, then the thermal tool fixes the formed sleeve in a certain place. The transparent connectors are so small that they are not even visible in the hairstyle or on the loose hair. The work is very difficult, requiring a lot of patience and experience, especially if the client's hair is very short. Due to the fact that the master works with mini-fasteners, you will need about 200-250 donor strands and capsules.

A huge number of techniques for building gives every girl the opportunity to choose a method that perfectly matches the characteristics of the hair. If you want to study more deeply the subject of hair lengthening, get advice and qualified services from Ivanna Farysei.

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