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Photo Difficulties in building curly hair

Every experienced master will confirm-Yes, you can. However, there are certain difficulties in building curly hair.

The good news is the ability to perform extensions on any hair size from 5 cm long. As for straight strands, African, Asian, European and Slavic material is offered. It is important to choose the one that is more suitable for external characteristics. English women better choose Slavic hair – they look great, not painted, have a silky pleasant, natural Shine.

What causes difficulties.

1. The hair in the root zone is tangled, so that the time for daily, delicate combing is spent more.

2. Correction is required after a shorter period of time (1.5-2 months) compared to straight strands.

3. After the extension, the hair is not colored.

4. Hair quickly loses moisture. It will be more correct to select curls under the color of natural strands, so that you do not have to correct the mismatch of colors in the future.

5. When the hair is small in length (up to 10 cm), capsule lengthening is recommended. With curls longer than 20 cm, the tape method of extension is more suitable. The most difficult is the use of donor material on hairstyles with asymmetry, since it is impossible to attach the lengthening material on the parting.

Extension options offered in London.


The essence of the method is sewing the material to your own hair, collected in a horizontal pigtail.

Advantages: there is no thermal effect on the hair, combing is simple, suitable for any care masks and shampoos, the price for the service is low.

Disadvantages: Shampoos and masks are poorly washed out with a braided braid. Restrictions in the choice of hairstyles, because the attachment points are very noticeable.


The essence of the method of connection of the strands with tape and glue base. Additional curls are covered with native hair.

Advantages: fast performance of building, no pain, own hair is not overloaded.

Disadvantages: a short time period between corrections, difficulties with washing the head, the cost is considerable, when correcting the hair unpleasant stretch and want to finish the procedure as soon as possible.


The essence of the method is the connection of hair using molten tongs keratin capsules.

Advantages: the fixing material does not differ from the color of the hair, you can get standard and microcapsules, it securely combines the ends of the curls, it is allowed to do any hairstyles, do not need frequent correction.

Disadvantages: there is a need to take care of the hair with special tools, the hair needs to be braided at night, the method is not suitable for rare and weakened hair.


The essence of the method: joining donor curls with a glue gun and heated resin.

Advantages: the adhesive material is not visible on the hair, long-term wearing without correction (about 6 months), small capsules are not recognized when running a hand through the hair, the cost is average.

Disadvantages: accidental approach of a hair dryer or Ironing will melt the glue the method is suitable for thick hair, the procedure lasts a long time.

Surely you are confused in the methods of building, the strengths and weaknesses of each technology. To understand in more detail and choose the appropriate method of hair extension, get advice and practical help from Ivanna Farysei.

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