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Photo Selling your own hair

Have you ever decided to change your long hair to a modern, short hairstyle? Surely the haircut was done in a Barber shop, and you watched with longing as the native hair covers the floor. In our time, practical ladies earn on this. Do you think selling your own hair is an opportunity to earn money or a betrayal of yourself?

Slavic hair is considered to be the best category of raw materials available on the market as donor hair extensions. And someone gets to make the wig-making products.

Hair extensions: development prospects.

Despite the wide range of extension schemes, this service is still being developed in England. Abroad, visiting beauty salons, using donor hair is in demand as much as manicure. People are used to choosing from the best offers, so they are guided by the supply of hair from our country and from the nearest neighbors.

Since hair extensions give very good results, the service will be in demand for many years. A new generation is growing up, which is also not always satisfied with the density of the plant cover of the head. Therefore, they also begin to visit the masters to look impressive and luxurious. In the field of hair extensions, new methods may appear that simplify and speed up the process of adding donor curls.

What is the value of the hair of Slavic women.

Slavic hair differs in that it is mostly straight and slightly curly strands that fit well. The correct cutting technology ("tails" are collected in a rubber band and then cut off) differs significantly from the collection of Asian and African analogues. In Ljndon, they accept unpainted hair, always in its pure form, which is usually cut in a Barber shop or prepared for shipment on their own. Most of all, the color of blonde is valued – the cost of a kilogram of such strands reaches 2000 dollars in Western Europe. Every year, the price increases by 15% and this will continue, because the demand is also not standing still.

Hair business: is it ethical.

The results of the surveys showed different results. Some believe that selling your own hair is a normal process, especially if the braid was cut earlier and is now gathering dust in the closet. Some believe that they have the right to change their hairstyle without asking anyone, and what to do with the cut strands is their own business (especially since this can be a one-time good money).

But there is a category of ladies who believe that selling their own hair is akin to selling internal organs. Therefore, in no case should you engage in such a low business.

It is up to you to decide what to do in this case. And people do not have the right to condemn others, because no one divulges the true reasons for selling hair. Perhaps someone does not have enough money to buy medicines or for children's needs.

For those who want to make their hair immaculate, we advise you to contact Ivanna Farysei. The capital master knows all the information about hair extensions, has a huge practical experience in this business.

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