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Photo use cut hair

In addition to elite strands used for preparing for hair extensions, making wigs and hairpieces, a huge mass of cut hair is simply thrown away. But there are some life hacks that will allow you to usefully use the "waste" of hair. Let's look at the amazing ways to use cut hair, which managed to be collected bit by bit. We offer readers from London and other cities of England to get acquainted with unusual inventions.

This is how it happens.

1. When accidents occur on tankers, accompanied by leakage of petroleum products, chemicals with increased adsorption are used. 3 years ago, Australian scientists decided to try the high absorbency of the hair. Experiments have shown that a strand can selectively absorb a substance that is 9 times its own mass. This was possible due to the significant porosity of the hair.

2. Hairdressers came up with ideas about how to use used hair. Someone tried to make wardrobe items out of them. However, the body after such clothes strongly itched, and the shoes could only be exposed to public view. So the idea of bill Blake, who created a women's swimsuit, has sunk into oblivion. At one time, he made women's underwear, a lady's hat, a shirt, a vest from "natural human wool".

3. Mangyans living in the Philippines make a violin that has long hair instead of strings. The tool is used for love songs and is used as proof of serious intentions on the part of the groom to his future bride.

4. Some people are fanatical if they have at their disposal any of the things of their favorite idols. Some people just need to buy a lock of hair to proudly demonstrate their "involvement" in the chosen celebrity.

5. India is known for a huge number of gods of different ranks. For us, many things seem absurd, but the Indians are awed by this myriad of heavenly patrons. One of the methods that help to drive out evil spirits from housing is to set fire to candles wrapped in hair.

6. The Chinese, too, were not averse to being original. It is known that they buried the cut hair in the mail in order to feed it. In human hair, there is up to 15% nitrogen (in the litter of chickens it is 3 times less). How long it took until the earth was saturated with the necessary components is unknown.

7. In one province of China, the elders taught the people that you can not throw hair remnants. Women have long collected the hair of 3 generations, then woven them into their own, and on holidays they came out with a huge, somehow miraculously held on the head of the family hairstyle.

8. Up to that time, had not yet been invented medical threads, the edges of the wounds were stitched steamed human hair. They did not cause allergies and quite firmly connected the edges of the skin, speeding up healing.

9. A few hundred years ago, a spiritual gift was hand-made products, hair, inside which the hair was placed. In Royal families, it was customary to cut the first strand from the head of a newborn and hide it in an expensive, opening pendant, which the mother wore on her chest, and then passed on to the grown heir.

10. In the Ancient East, people liked to embroider drawings with black hair.

People are inventive, so we are waiting for many more discoveries in the field of human hair. In the meantime, those who are interested in their availability with the help of extensions, contact the capital's master Ivanna Farysei.

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