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Photo Nano Laserbeamer

Fast and perfect-this combination is rare. Professional approach provides a method in which the hair extension procedure will be performed in the optimal time frame, the client will be able to take care of new and own hair without difficulties, as well as rarely visit the hairdresser for correction. Find out what a nano-build-up is using The nano Laserbeamer hardware method in London.

What do you think the result will be if you use a development that involved trichologists, stylists, and technologists? The complex work of the specialists made it possible to obtain a device that is able to carefully and quickly attach the donor material to its own strands due to the action of the laser.

We use "premium" type hair, which comes into operation after laboratory testing and assigned quality certificates. They are joined by capsules of 3 sizes and types: completely smooth, curly or neatly colored. The laser operates in a gentle temperature mode, eliminating the appearance of harm to the hair. The polymer composition is as close as possible to the characteristics of live hair, so incompatibility and thermal overheating are excluded. And most importantly: the build-up does not require frequent correction!

Advantages of the Nano Laserbeamer method.

1. Initially, the high quality of the donor material. After building up, they look natural and attractive.

2. The rapidity of fixation of the strands. At a time, the master uses the device to attach 5 capsules, so the entire process takes up to 1 hour.

3. The optimal choice of thermal effects used for heating capsules and reliable attachment does not cause a violation of the structure of your own hair.

4. Excellent result: the capsules are located close to the hair roots. In places where strands are attached, flat areas are formed that form a strong fixation and are invisible from the outside.

5. You do not need to limit your time: you can play sports, go to the pool, dance, go to the gym. Rain-soaked hair will not be affected.

6. Nano Laserbeamer extension allows you to have any hairstyle: with loose, raised, braided, twisted hair.

7. The speed of the process is unique when you want to change your appearance after work, drop into the salon for an hour and a half and go out in a completely different way, surprise your loved one with a luxurious Shine and a wonderful length of hair.

8. The ability to increase the density of hair on the crown of the head and in the temples.

9. It is allowed to work with thin and brittle hair: miniature strands do not contribute to the loss of their own hair.

10. A very important point for ladies is the duration of wearing hair. And it was pretty decent, for six months. None of the methods of hair extension provides such a long period of time without correction.

Any more questions? Want to change your image using the Nano Laserbeamer method or another productive method? Ivanna Farysei is ready to work with your hair and offer a capsule technology of extension.

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