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Photo A set of tools

The Barber's Arsenal of tools includes mechanical tools, thermal forceps, glue devices, and devices for splitting capsules. Someone uses ultrasonic or laser devices. A set of tools for different types of extensions is selected from trusted manufacturers.

Cold build-up in London.

A feature of the method is the rejection of thermal processes.

  • The Japanese method uses rings and forceps that compress them. The technology is recommended for hard, often short hair.
  • The sleeve method involves putting on an oblong element with a hook. Both types of hair are placed in it and the fasteners are removed with tongs.
  • The tape method is based on the adhesive attachment of the donor material.
  • Spanish technology is used in the presence of a hairdressing gun, glue and activator. The fastening method is chemical.
  • Sewing strands with a special thread.

In these methods of hair extension, hooks are used for stretching, rings, clamping clips, fastening forceps, another forceps for removing donor hair, and needles. The above methods are chosen by those who want to exclude thermal effects on their own hair, trying how convenient it will be to wear long hair. The extension has no restrictions in terms of visiting saunas, trips to the sea, using hair care products, and daily styling with hairdressing "irons".

Hot build-up in London.

Two methods are used here: English and Italian. For the first time, keratin is used, which melts at a temperature of more than 200C. it is suitable for strong hair with healthy cuticles, without regular loss.

The Italian technology is designed for the use of keratin capsules, which are attached under more gentle thermal conditions by means of thermoregulated forceps.

You will need a glue gun that warms up the resin, forceps for less hot encapsulation (with a temperature controller), forceps for splitting capsules, and a card for forming ready-made donor strands (if you do not plan to buy ready-made material).

Innovative method.

  • Device for the ultrasonic extensions. Heats the ends of the strands with capsules using high-frequency sound waves at a frequency of about 20 KHz, converted into thermal energy. The peculiarity of the process is the impossibility of performing corrective procedures. It is used for healthy and weakened hair.
  • The laser device actions. It also applies to gentle methods, allowing you to attach microcapsules to form completely invisible fixing areas. The devices differ in performance and extension technology, and can simultaneously attach up to 8 capsulated strands. The place of fixation is the same everywhere: at a distance of 1 cm from the roots.

Ivanna Farysei - a master, whose work is satisfied with all customers without exception. She chose to work with Italian technology, so she uses tongs that will not spoil hair. Turning to her, you will get a guaranteed high result for hair extensions.

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