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A lot of girls, first heard about a similar procedure, ask in the forums of women – how to do keratin hair straightening? Of all the benefits, the intricacies of the process in the next article.

Advantages and disadvantages.

Before proceeding to describe the process briefly describe the pros and cons of the procedure. Means for hair straightening – keratin. Professionals barbers say that in contrast to other drugs keratin effectively acts on the hair, penetrating the structure of each of the hairs. Inside damaged hair, it fills in the cracks and under the influence of warm medium – the hair becomes supple. This creates a reliable protective layer.

The advantages of the procedure:

  • product does not contain chemicals, so it is guaranteed the safety of the hair and skin;
  • you can easily get a curls after straightening and washing the head of hair will once again be smooth;
  • natural substances of the medicinal product have a "breathing" effect on the hair and results in a steady amount and less pollution;
  • keratin straightening may be conducted simultaneously with painting or highlights.

Frequently asked question – how long does the procedure hair straightening take? Long enough. A laborious process, so this aspect can add to the cons procedure. In addition, to straighten your hair this way at home is nearly impossible.

Another drawback – high price. This is due to the high cost of the drug. But persistent long-lasting effect, painlessness and safety of the procedure outweigh the disadvantage of high cost.

Keratin hair alignment: technology and features of the procedure.

Technology hair straightening keratin consists of the following steps:

  • The wizard prepares the hair for the procedure, carefully combing them. Next – application of the keratin shampoo. It is important to carefully massage literally every strand to be absorbed as deeply as possible.
  • Thereafter, the shampoo is washed off, hair is combed and then – a few minutes dry.
  • On wet hair, apply keratin, the main rectifying means after shampooing. How long is keratin hair straightening? The procedure takes about half an hour (depending on amount of hair) as the hairdresser must be carefully RUB the drug in each strand.
  • Hair after the keratin of the drug is thoroughly dried by the dryer, smoothed with Tyler (at a temperature of about 230 degrees).
  • Final procedure – shampooing is to wash do not soak the keratin. It is already possible to do without straightening irons, because after keratin hair will be flat and smooth. If the weather permits, you can even do without the hair dryer.

Keratin reconstruction hair – how long does the effect?

Many testimonials of girls who have time to conduct the procedure, evidence of debt effect of hair straightening. On average, after the procedure, the hair continues to maintain its healthy structure for 4 to six months.

Most of the girls bother growing ends of the hair. In this case, you can repeat the procedure, and it will be much cheaper. After all, the master will have to handle only redrawn strands.

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