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Unfortunately, not many girls can boast a natural Shine to the hair. Modern stylists and barbers offer Botox for hair - the original decision. And all, without exception, the hair will be bright, beautiful, shimmering in the sun!

What is hair Botox?

Of course, we are not talking about really the botulinum toxin used in plastic surgery. Rather, this is the name of a commercial nature. But the effectiveness of the procedure remains the same.

The drug, which is used as "Botox", contains, for example, intra-silane is a molecule of mineral-organic origin. She gets into the hair shaft, helping active nutrients to penetrate deeper into its structure.

Procedure Botox hair allows you to:

  • restore damaged hair;
  • to increase their elasticity;
  • to give the hair a healthy and natural Shine, lightweight.

Experts say the long lasting effect after this procedure is approximately 3-6 months.

Wonder drug that affects not only the hair shaft, and restores follicles. With the help of molecules intra-silane in the bulbs of actively penetrates nutrients, increasing the metabolic processes.

In the hair "Botox" all the components, according to manufacturers of drugs, is a natural, bringing on the hair and the skin is not chemical exposure. And it is also possible to record the benefits of such a procedure.

Who needs hair Botox?

Hair restoration – a procedure relevant to women with a very weakened tresses, damaged hair. For example, often a negative impact on the hair has lightening. So blondes are frequent guests of the salons, where they practice Botox recovery.

Brittle hair, bad strands – one more "customers" for Botox. You should also contact the salon, if you tired of split ends. After one treatment about them will be forgotten (at least for a few months).

In what cases, you can used Botox hair? The effect of improvement strands with Botox after chemical curls. Also, if your hair is featured prominently porosity, Botox recovery will not be excess.

At a sufficiently slow hair growth (which is the responsibility of the bulb) Botox procedure will restore the metabolic processes and establish normal, healthy growth of the strands.

Botox for hair: photos and reviews.

Pictures of girls before and after the procedure demonstrate the effect of the Botox. Even the most lackluster strands acquire an amazing Shine, silkiness, brightness shades. Some of the girls there is a serious volume, and therefore becomes easier to make original hairstyles.

Reviews yet eloquent. Many girls say that hair becomes more elastic, tight, ends no longer brittle, and the hair gets bright shades, naturally beautiful Shine. Rarely to the women's forum will meet negative reviews about the procedure.

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