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Cleansing the scalp is a very important step in the care of hair, therefore we recommend to read the fact that this detox for the head, - the result will please you. The procedure is best left to a professional in the salon – it will select the correct soft materials that are guaranteed to eliminate contaminants.

When there is a need to detox.

Deep cleansing of the scalp can be carried out once a week or once a month – it all depends on the condition of the hair and also on how intensely a valid tool. Telltale signs that your curls are in need of this procedure are:

  • slow hair growth. Harmful substances clog the pores, do not allow the hair follicles to fully feed;
  • the appearance of dandruff. The skin is irritated, dry and reacts in turn with seborrhea;
  • brittleness, dryness and hair loss, also associated with malnutrition;
  • the disappearance of gloss, smoothness.

Photo the result will not make you doubt your curls like will find a new life.

Why the scalp is dirty.

There are several factors which are very much affected and the skin of the head, and the hair. Some of them can be very easy to eliminate, others require a serious approach.

Sebaceous glands, located in the region of the roots of the hair, there are different amounts of fat (depending on the time of year, psychological condition, physical condition, and more). Together with this distinguished sweat and toxic substances, which are deposited on the epidermis and clog pores. The effect of the detox will stun - you literally feel that the code is "breathing".

The condition of the scalp is affected by:

  • styling: foams, gels, lacquers for styling. They settle on the roots of the hair is not fully washed out, creates a kind of film. Silicones included in these funds and attract additional dirt;
  • hard running water. Chlorine and rust, which are very often found in city water, deposited on the hair and much they hurt;
  • salt water. In the resorts it is recommended not to dive deep or to wear a special hat, so that nothing settles at the roots.

The procedure of detox for hair to efficiently cope with the task, the curls will be transformed before your eyes, will Shine with health and begin to grow faster.

КHow to do detox scalp.

In the reviews you can persuade that the procedure is completely safe for the health of the hair, and brings a remarkable result. To ensure that your curls came to life, the wizard selects special mask detox, which very effectively removes all impurities, renewing in this way and the scalp.

The tool does not cause allergies, the whole procedure is carried out according to the instructions. After it is washed off from the hair, feel fresh. Now the roots will be less greasy and disappear unpleasant problems. The frequency of treatments depends on the condition of the hair and is determined by the master individually for each client.

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