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Long curls now no longer be your distant dream – mikronaraschivanie hair will help you in this difficult case. The most interesting thing in this procedure is the fact that to notice your cunning will be almost impossible.

A little about process.

СThe micro method is the latest technique that combines all the best approaches for a great result. So, due to the fact that capsules are made of tiny, do not suffer your natural strands. They are not heavier, which dont leads to weakening of the roots.

Hot microcapsule hair extensions allow you to cope with many problems. For example, only because it helps to build up the bangs, add the number of hairs in the parting of the hair, only this method is suitable for rare and fine hair. For you, the wizard takes thin strands and small capsules to make it look as natural as possible.

It should say that in such a procedure can come even men – it is the right way to disguise a bald spot.

The process is as follows:

  • master manually forms a small capsule made of keratin, they are so tiny that the hair not be perceptible;
  • capsule together with extended strand attached to their hairs;
  • the result is fixed with a special substance.

The result is the build – up, which only you know. The capsules are impossible to see among the natural hair, they are not felt to the touch. They match your natural tone, to avoid sudden changes and nothing stood out.

On the presented photo you can clearly see how change hair and how natural it looks. Professionals do everything so that it is impossible to find flaws.

The advantages of Micro hair extensions.

Professional hair extensions in our time, drawn more and more girls. This procedure allows you to return the density to acquire the necessary length, to eliminate a variety of problems.

Among the advantages of microcapsules method:

  • curls look as natural – they Shine, create a healthy look for the whole hair as a whole;
  • microcapsules several times smaller than the standard – they are not felt with your fingers, they are not seen for native hair;
  • the procedure does not affect the condition of your natural strands – roots not heavier, the hairs dont beginning to fall out;
  • extended curls can be spread evenly over desired area, thereby creating the necessary volume;
  • it remains possible to make any hair style, even high-tails: no-one will notice the capsules;
  • if necessary, you can lengthen the bangs and add density in the temporal area.

The feedback on the website you can read the experience of our clients, to read more about the procedure. We recommend this approach to anyone who dreams of long and healthy hair is a boon for you. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of having gorgeous curls!

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