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Beautiful long curls is now an affordable luxury for any girl, perhaps even extensions for short hair. Even if you prefer a trendy short haircut, and now want to try to change the image, for the masters it will not be difficult.

Types of extensions for different lengths.

The process of hair extensions largely depends on their length. The master necessarily chooses the best option so as not to harm your native hair and make hairstyle natural as possible.

For short hair use the following procedure:

  • the English method with the use of resin. At this, the length must be at least 15 cm, otherwise the result looks not so fine;
  • microcapsule technique. This option applies to hot techniques, which is very gentle and applies to your native strands. This hair extensions for very short hair – thanks to small capsule extended hairs invisible;
  • keratin technology. Usually done for the caret or the length of the shoulders where the capsule is easier to hide under the natural hair;
  • glue method. Can be used in the case when the length is 4 cm;
  • strands on the tapes. Applicable only when the length is at least 20 cm.

Hair extensions keratin is the most effective procedure: the result is stored for a long time, if you follow the rules of care and regular to make the correction. Capsules small, they match in color with the shade of your hair, and are virtually invisible. If you choose microcapsules will be able to ensure that capsules will be even imperceptible to the touch.

Micro hair extensions as the best option.

Extensions for very short hair involves the selection of the optimal method. Microcapsules prefer a masters – it allows you to effectively to hide the small capsule under the natural hair, which allows hair to look very natural. It can be produced even when the length of your own strands is only about 5 cm in addition, the procedure is also suitable for those who have the curls relaxed, and the hair is heavily thinned.

Extensions strands of hair by microcapsules have the following advantages:

  • small capsule appear invisible, even for a short natural curls;
  • your natural hair not heavier, they do not receive additional weight in the form of heavy capsules;
  • hair turns the most natural and healthy looking;
  • you can adjust also the middle parting, bangs, temporal area, thus making the curls visually thicker;
  • so such strands you can ensure your constant care, without the use of special tools.

The feedback on our site you can read about the experiences of the clients after the procedure of nail extension on short hair. The result exceeds all expectations – except of the length appear shiny, silky. Pamper yourself and you!

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