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If you want to update your image, then balayage hair extension is a very original way. A variety of shades of the strands do not go out of fashion: they can contrast with your natural curls, and not too different in tone.

Italian technology hair extension.

Balayage hair extensions Italian technology is absolutely safe way to diversify your hair style without damaging your natural hair. Colors of the donor strand is very wide: there are very bright colors, which often prefer young girls, and some are more calm tone, closer to natural.

The technique of balayage hair extensions by Italian technique very sparing refers to the native hairs and the follicles overall. From the outset, the clients choose the desired shade of the donor strands. If in the palette is not desired, the strands are pre-painted in the desired color.

Further, the technique of Balayage hair extensions is as follows:

  • selecting a small strand of hair client, to which is attached a strand of a different color;
  • from organic keratin forms a small capsule that will hold a strand on your own hair;
  • to the capsule attached a special hairdresser's tongs, which melt it and create a small connection.

The cooled capsules are durable and compact dimensions. That is why they are not felt when worn, does not injure the hair roots and quietly tolerate washing the head. Capsules can form the smallest sizes, such that even you will forget that called for such a procedure.

Organic keratin does not cause allergic reactions, so suitable for most clients. But there is a constraint: before you go to the master, it is better strengthen the roots: the load on them can cause even more hair loss.

Balayage by hair extensions – the main advantages.

Balayage the hair extensions is a new trend in beauty salons. This simple method allows you to refresh hair without damaging their own hair. As you know, clarification a very detrimental effect on strands of hair: they become brittle, dry and loses its lustre, and in General look like straw. And poor lightening of the pigment in some cases may even give a yellow.

That's why millions of women choose hair extensions with the effect of balayage. Among its advantages:

  • caring attitude for your home strands;
  • the opportunity to select donor strands according to the structure of your hair: thin, thick, and also feels to the touch;
  • a wide palette of shades: there are the most daring, and close to natural;
  • is a safe procedure: an experienced master will never harm the scalp;
  • the effect persists for several months.

Don't be afraid to experiment: if you want to update your look, why not start with balayage hair extensions? This is the procedure that will never disappoint you in your result!

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