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For the procedure of hair extensions it is best to choose only high-quality material and you need check out with the differences between Slavic hair from the rest. This is truly the best option on the market as they have the highest quality.

What are the different types of hair.

Hair for capsule extensions in stores and salons presented in a wide variety. They differ in structure and price, have different appearance, can carry a different number of corrections.

There are 4 hair types.

  1. №1 Asian hair for hair extensions. They are pleased with its affordable price, but disappointed for all other reasons. Hair is very stiff, hard to comb, but after a couple of treatments shampooing and they did become like a sponge. At first glance, they look presentable, because it is covered with a special silicone solution. Correction not subject.
  2. №2 European hair for hair extensions. It is interesting that they, too, are delivered from Asia, but they are more thoroughly processed. Pile them on the hairline, which allows them to look beautiful. Bundles cover silicone composition: because of this, they become soft and silky, shiny and pleasing to you. But gradually, the substance is washed out. With proper care, can move only one correction.
  3. №3 South Slavic hair for hair extensions. This slice is dense and thick than and different from the next. They were very thorough treatment, well-combed, pleased with the Shine and in good condition.. If you provide good care, you can count on two corrections.
  4. №4 Slavic hair for hair extensions. This cut is considered to be a luxury – the hairs are soft and silky, shiny and smooth. They perfectly fit, easy to comb, very natural look. You can do a lot of correction, the curls will not lose its appearance.

What is the advantage of Slavic hair.

The main difference between Slavic hair is the quality – it's the curls that will always please you with its perfect condition. They are the most structure close to the strands of the girls in our country. In addition, presented in a variety of colors: with such a gorgeous selection you can always find those which have long dreamed of.

This is really the best hair for hair extensions: their high price is fully justified from the quality. Among their advantages:

  • natural look: they blend in with your natural strands;
  • softness, Shine and silkiness;
  • the ability to maintain their great appearance even after a number of corrections;
  • in most cases are supplied unpainted, allowing them to look even better and more natural;
  • strands undergo a thorough manual processing – they are disinfected, placed in the correct order.

For hair extensions natural hair it is best to choose a Slavic type is the kind that will bring you only pleasure. Allow yourself the luxury!

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