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Many girls tried capsule hair extensions and was pleased with the result. But there is another common way, which also deserves your attention - banded hair extension.

Capsule hair extension: the process.

Hot hair extension has a very careful attitude to your native strands. This technique involves the use of only organic keratin, from which formed a small-sized capsule. Thanks to this small granule and can be attached the donor curl.

Technology capsular hair extension necessarily involves exposure to high temperatures. In order for the keratin stiffened and secured the strand, his warm up special forceps. Your native hair don't touch, they dont damaged. The capsule itself can be formed small, in order not noticeable, also to pick up her hair color. This allows you to make it almost invisible and imperceptible in the process of using.

Keratin hair extensions does not cause allergies because the substance is completely organic. This technology has the following advantages:

  • after the procedure, you can go to the pool, sauna, steam room – granules do not deform and do not melt;
  • no restrictions in hairstyles: capsules are not visible even in high tail;
  • even after several corrections, you can save the required length;
  • hair care does not require a lot of effort – quite a special shampoo and for the tips it is better to apply a balm for easy combing;
  • it is possible to do hair extension strands of any texture and type, from soft and silky Slavic to Asian pretty hard.

This technology involves an individual approach to each client: take into account her hair type, to create this capsule, which will not be much heavier hairs can't hurt.

The tape hair extension: the basic intricacies.

The second method of hair extensions is cool – tape.This means that in order to sustain donor strands are not used special tweezers with high temperature. They are attached with special adhesive tape or glue, which when removing the strips dissolve special substance.

This method is perfect for owners of thin and rare hair. Due to the fact that the holder occupies a large area on the hairs is small load. Among other advantages of the method:

  • takes minimum time from the master: in just one hour;
  • low cost: the material is in General to expensive is not true;
  • if necessary they can be quickly and painlessly removed in the salon;
  • all materials are hypoallergenic.

But it should be remembered that the high hairstyles and frequent brushing will become taboo. There is a risk to comb out strands or disclose his secret.

The choice of technology capacity depends on the type of hair and what result you would like to obtain. Keratin will long to please you with its impeccable appearance. Therefore, it is better to choose one that will suit the structure of native curls.

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