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Many girls are interested in how things are done polishing the hair and how this procedure is harmless. If you carry out the procedure properly, the effect will be only to please – the perfect haircut for a few months without haircuts.

In essence polishing.

Polishing hair – this is a procedure that largely allows you to return the hair a healthy and well-groomed appearance. The most important thing that will please many girls is to get rid of split ends without losing length. This method is ideal for those who wants to grow gorgeous long curls.

In General, to get rid of damage is possible along the entire length, as it affects not only the tips. The result is perfectly groomed strands, pleasing their mirror-like Shine and silkiness.

Master Ivanna Pharisee invites you to this procedure anyone:


  • very damaged strands, a lot of damage on the surface;
  • hair has undergone bleaching or perming;
  • curls themselves are prone to dryness and damage;
  • have a dream to grow as long strands.

If you are interested in, what is the procedure for polishing the hair, the answer lies in the name itself. Hairs like a really polished special attachment on the clippers. Nothing wrong with that: strands are not damaged, but rather transformed. From the start clean, dry hair treated with a hair iron, so you can see the damaged hairs.

Processing starts from the nape, for each strand it is necessary to machine on average 3 times. At the end of the procedure, the wizard still takes a little long, but not too much – just one or two centimeters. To consolidate the effect of the curls apply a special oil.

Advantages and disadvantages.

Proper polishing hair pleases many clients: so perfectly beautiful hair, no broken hairs sticking out. Among the advantages of the procedure:

  • hair becomes softer and manageable, it lasts on average 4 months;
  • minimal loss of length;
  • removed 90% of the damage;
  • the strands are no longer highly confused, they are easy and pleasant to comb;
  • this is a very effective prevention;
  • hair cut turns out perfectly straight, hair strands grow back evenly;
  • the maximum that can be cut from the damaged hairs is 10 mm, which is insignificant.

But despite all the advantages, the polishing, there are a few downsides. It is impossible to make owners of fine hair so volume will not remain. In addition, it is impossible to do with hair loss, and curly and thick and does not will have no effect. In General, the master himself will tell you whether you fit this procedure and will bring you the promised result. Sometimes there's nothing better than scissors and will not come up – so you can correctly and efficiently solve a number of problems.

In London the following services are provided by master Ivanna Farysei – a professional in their field with vast experience. Trust her and you will see how alive and beautiful steel your hair.

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