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When clients come to capsular hair extension, they are asked to make strands as long as possible. Here, the master becomes the task of preparing the donor tresses so that they don't lose their length.

What is capsulation and why it is.

The technique of hair extension on the Italian method necessarily involves the creation of small capsules, which are attached donor strands. This process is called capsulations: it is based on the formation of the strands of the hairs by binding them with keratin.

For work the master, choose an organic substance that does not cause harm and does not cause allergic reactions. Capsulation manually – the process is quite time consuming, as the capsule itself still need to define it, to give it the necessary size and shape, and then get to work directly with the donor curl.

So, before to start to work, the master takes the following tools:

  • comb with frequent teeth and sparse;
  • scissors;
  • forceps;
  • granular keratin.

The best surface to work from will be the kitchen table: it is possible to put all the strands, nothing will confuse your movements. But it is important to wipe it that the hairs had nothing and that they are not absorbed excess moisture.

Before the capsulation of the donor strands very carefully washed, and then combed. By brushing you can get rid of short or broken hairs, thereby preserving the overall appearance of the hairstyle.

The main stages of the procedure.

Technology capsular hair extension can be made without prior capsulation. This is best done in advance, in order to quickly deal with the wishes of the client. The whole process is carried out in several stages.

  • cut hair should be divided into small sections, securing their children's thin rubber bands at a distance of 10 cm from the roots;
  • after the curls are formed, they need to be thoroughly brushed with a comb. To do this, the gum is removed, the strand is securely fixed in the hand at a distance of 15 cm from the roots, raked a comb to remove all the excess hairs;
  • now slice, you must trim with scissors to length to get the same everywhere;
  • the tongs must be heated to 220-230 degrees, take them 2-3 granules of keratin and spend on donor strands 3 times, that the substance is uniformly distributed and bonded hairs;
  • now with your fingers or special tweezers necessary to form a miniature capsule that it was practically invisible in the hair;
  • after the capsulation procedure is completed, the curls need to lay on the table.

Master Ivanna Farysei will help you in this process: it will form a neat little capsule, which will not be noticeable in the hair. This service in London is very popular, as many girls love to build up the hair and remain very pleased with the result.

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