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If you want to change your image and at the same time not to worsen the condition of hair, then balayage hair extensions is the ideal way for you. It is as sparing refers to native strands and does not cause any unpleasant consequences.

What is the sense of this procedure.

Hair extensions and balayage can now be completely safe procedures. Many girls are hesitant to drastic change of image, because the panic fear of the yellowing arising from the use of substandard whitening remedies. This method eliminates all such fears.

From the beginning the client to choose the desired hue of the donor strand: the range is very wide, they can as not too different from your own colour or completely contrast with it. If the master's palette the option was not there, then it does not matter – if necessary before the procedure, the strands are dyed in a tone.

Balayage and hair extensions are produced this way:

  • to a small strand of native hair is applied the donor;
  • stylist from organic keratin forms small in size capsule, which will hold the hairs;
  • special forceps, the pellet melts, thereby creating a strong cohesion, which is in the process of wearing women do not feel.

Hair extensions with balayage effect – the procedure is very safe for your native hairs. Capsules come out very strong: you can walk to the pool and sauna under the hot sun – they do not deform.

But in that case, if you have a much hair fall out, the procedure should be abandoned. Must first strengthen the roots, so how much load can lead to the deterioration of the situation.

The advantages of the procedure.

Capsular hair extension with balayage effect – it's a real godsend for those who would like to diversify a little bit their image, but do not would like to sacrifice as their loved curls. Many women decide to lighten the strands once, then fear to dare again. The thing is that the hairs lightening tool does not spare at all.

Capsular hair extension on the Italian technology – is another matter. Among the advantages of such balayage:

  • don't harm your native hairs: they are not damaged;
  • for this technique of hair extensions the client chooses the density of the strands, their color, length;
  • a miniature capsule – it is almost impossible to feel;
  • increases the density of the hairstyle by adding curls donor;
  • the result will please you for several months.

Master Ivanna Farysei will realize your dream of variety to the hairstyle, give her the density and hue. This is a very interesting proposal in London, reasonable price and remarkable effect that is sure to please every girl. Certainly allow yourself such a luxury, indulge yourself and your hair: you deserve the best!

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