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If you would like to significantly change your appearance, you should decide what technology of hair extension will suit you. There are several new ways that careful to your native hair and not injure the scalp.

Hot hair extensions technology.

Hair extensions capsules are very popular: now many girls prefer this method. The bottom line is that the master forms a small capsule made of organic keratin and then attaches the donor tresses to your native. The whole procedure is carried out very safely, without causing harm to the scalp.

Keratin hair extensions in the Italian way are considered the safest. There are two ways:

  • English technology. It is based on the formation of small granules of resin, which join your native strands with donor. Capsules are too large, which makes this method impractical – they are too felt in the process of wearing;
  • Italian hair extensions. In this case, the master forms a small capsule of organic keratin, and then attaches it to donor strands. Granule is obtained a small size and in its shade merges with the roots of native hairs. Build-up is made with full consideration of the client's curls.

Hot hair extensions on Italian way are the most secure: it does not injure the native hairs. For example, even for weak curls, prone to loss, you can form a capsule that will not weigh down the roots. For the procedure, the master chooses organic keratin: this substance does not cause allergic reactions. Keratin granule is located at a sufficient distance from the scalp, so in the process of the master does not injure the epidermis.

Hair extensions in London by hot method holds Ivanna Farysei – she's very careful with the strands of her clients, finds an individual approach to each case.

Cold hair extensions.

There are a few more techniques of hair extensions – cold. In this case tapes are used: they are fixed to native strands by a special adhesive tape. It should immediately say that the effect will not please you for a long time: donor curls will slide periodically, hairs can start to pour.

There are two varieties:

  • Spanish. In this case, a special adhesive composition is used, which on average lasts for 4 months. Then it is dissolved with the selected substance and removed donor hairs;
  • Japanese. In this case, use metal beads, clamps or clips of small size, which are securely fastened a pair of pliers in the zone at the roots. High hairstyles are not recommended, correction is carried out every 2 months.

If you choose what hair extension will suit you, then the Italian option remains universal. In London, such a procedure conducts Ivanna Farysei – the result you will definitely be pleased.

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