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If you dream of healthy silky hair, then scalp care will be a must-have part of your day. Curls need regular treatments and do not tolerate laziness: they will answer you by their beauty just in case if they get enough attention.

5 basic steps.

Scalp care does not cause any difficulties, but the result will exceed all your expectations. In place of tired, cut, weakened curls will come shiny and filled with energy strands.

№1 Humidification

This is a mandatory step for owners of any type of hair, including oily. Many mistakenly believe that moisturizing already oily roots can have a bad impact on the condition of the hair, but excessive sebum production indicates insufficient hydration. There is such a situation for a number of reasons: chlorinated hard water, shampoos with alkali in the composition, silicone styling products. Special air conditioners in this case will not help: there is no sense to apply them to the roots. In order to cope with the problem, it makes sense to turn to natural oils or leave-in lotions.

№2 Exfoliation

In order for the scalp to breathe, and the hair follicles receive sufficient amount of nutrients, the epidermis should be cleaned of dead skin particles. To do this, and the need for special scrubs: they will restore blood circulation, increase blood flow, and remove dead skin particles.

№3 Detox for your scalp

This is the wonderful procedure that delicately and effectively cleanses the scalp of means with silicone, from the settled dirt. In order to undertake a detox for the hair, the wizard uses special tools to deep clean. You will immediately notice that the scalp literally began to "breathe".

№4 Daily night care

Care for hair and scalp in General is recommended at night. But this does not mean that you will not have to sleep, and apply hourly any means. The modern beauty industry is literally full of indelible lotions that need to be applied before going to bed. So you will provide high-quality protection of the skin and hair for several hours. Also, such means increase the beneficial effect of sleep, accelerate regeneration and improved metabolism between cells.

№5 Head skin massage

There is no better way to improve blood circulation than head massage. The hair will stop falling out, will shine, and will be obedient. This care is suitable after hair extensions – so you can strengthen the roots.

Tips from a professional.

Every type of locks of hair needs individual care. Ivanna Farysei certainly will help you:

  • choose the right cleaning products;
  • develop a suitable program for caring for curls;
  • choose the right hair accessories that won't hurt you and not bring harm.

This is the most attractive offer in London-services will delight its accessibility. Give your curls luxury care-it's not as expensive and difficult as it seems, but as a reward you get the perfect strands.

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