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Many girls dream about the perfect straight, shiny hair, it is best in this case it helps the keratin hair straightening. The effect remains for a long time, even a few styling and weather conditions do not affect the condition of the strands.

The essence of keratin hair straightening.

In order for the procedure to be most successful, the master selects the optimal means for keratin hair straightening. Usually most of them contain formaldehyde, which stopped a lot of girls. Modern cosmetic solutions can be made without this component, while maintaining all its positive properties.

In the photo you can visually evaluate the result of the master. This procedure has a number of advantages:

  • easy combing. The hairs are almost not are confused with each other, all strands remain almost fluid;
  • hair becomes shiny and smooth – mirror Shine pleases all customers for a very long time;
  • weather conditions do not affect laying. Rain, snow, wind does not affect the hair, it remains as beautiful;
  • protection from exposure to the environment. Keratin protects the hair structure from the influence of bad environment, sun rays, and more;
  • hair stop push after washing. Hair remains smooth and beautiful, the hairs do not stick out;
  • disappears electrification, comb her hair and wear a hat now possible without the fear of stacking.

The technology of keratin hair straightening copes even with the effects of Perm: damaged wavy strands are filled with organic keratin, the structure of the hair is restored. If necessary, you can update the effect by making a correction.

If for you it is important, how many held keratin straightening, then the average term can reach to 5 months. During this time, the strands are not thinned and not lose its shape, but rather improve their health.

But the procedure has contraindications. For example, owners of thin hair should think before deciding: the volume will be even less. If you have started to fall out hairs, from the very beginning it is necessary to strengthen the roots: keratin significantly heavier throughout their length, the loss can only increase.

The shortcomings of the procedure.

Despite all the positive reviews, keratin straightening has several disadvantages. But do not be afraid: they do not relate to the health of your strands as a whole. Among them:

  • after the procedure for 36 hours you cannot wash your head, otherwise there is a risk to wash off the keratin composition;
  • immediately after leaving the salon can not fall under the rain or snow, there is a risk to nullify the efforts of the master;
  • 3 days you need to do without the pins, hoops, you cannot lay the strands over the ears – otherwise there will be creases.

Keratin hair restoration allows you to achieve perfectly straight hair-they become shiny, smooth and strong. These curls we see in advertising: they're closer than we think. Treat yourself!

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