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Keratin methods of hair extensions are becoming more and more popular: millions of girls choose this procedure in order to change their appearance. Just a few minutes later, the hairstyle changes beyond recognition, curls become long and voluminous.

Keratin methods of hair extensions.

Keratin hair extension is considered the most successful and reliable method: capsules securely hold donor strands, while not destroying the structure of the native curls.

There are several varieties of this procedure:

  • Italian hair extensions. This is the most common variant: capsules are formed from organic keratin, and then joins the donor strands. In order for the bundles to hold tight, keratin pre-melt. The capsule can be formed of any color and size, making this procedure almost invisible;
  • English method. It quickly supplanted Italian as the large granules of resin were impractical and uncomfortable. They heavily weigh down the roots, make it impossible updo, difficult to wash hair;
  • Micro-hair extensions. Universal technology that is suitable even for fine hair. Capsules are almost invisible: you can do any hair, choose any volume. Granules are actually imperceptible, they do not weigh down native strands.

Such method of hair extensions allow you to change the image, it does not damage their own tresses. For capsules used organic keratin-a substance that does not damage the structure of the hairs and does not harm the scalp.

How to choose a quality keratin.

In order for hair extensions to be successful, it is necessary to choose the right keratin. In no case do not skimp on it is the cheap solutions, as a rule, lead to disastrous results. Master Ivanna Farysei uses only high-quality pellets, which not only provide a good result, but also preserve the structure of the hairs.

Good keratin is determined by the following features.

№1. It should be similar to small beads, the shade is bluish. Absolute taboo can be considered options for yellow or cream color, such granules will not allow to carry out the procedure correctly. And if they also paint, they will quickly collapse.

№2. High-quality keratin under a UV lamp will get a neon shade. This is a very important property, if there is no such reaction, then you have a frankly unfair product.

№3. Price. As often happens, cheapness hides the material that will bring you and your customers only disappointment.

Ivanna Farysei only works with high quality raw materials – these are materials that keep the effect of the procedure as long as possible. They are easy to care for, do not spoil over time and give a few months of flawless hair. This is the best offer in London: every girl can afford to be the most beautiful!

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