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Long luxurious curls can be not only a gift of nature: hair extensions are sure to help you get a dream hairstyle. Moreover, you can even reincarnate a short haircut: there are techniques that are suitable even for hairs up to 10 cm long.

Long hair-the beauty of every woman.

Have you ever noticed how excited men watching women comb your hair, fix hair, with what tenderness they look at the face on which the wind ruffled the strands? And psychologists long ago came to the conclusion that the long curls is a real magnet for men. This is explained by the fact that such a gentle female image – the standard of femininity, natural beauty.

But, of course, the hair should not just be long, but also certainly well-groomed. This factor should be observed and the owner of the increased strands.

The basic rules of care are as follows:

  • to wash your hair as needed. For anybody not a secret that excessive greasy roots is not just unsightly, but also unhealthy curls. The optimal schedule-after 2-3 days, so as not to dry the hairs and skin are blocked;
  • use balms and masks. It is better to apply them only on the tips as their main goal is to facilitate combing. On the roots of such funds only to settle, without giving the desired effect;
  • take vitamins. This is very useful for the roots – they are strengthened, become noticeably stronger, and the strands themselves begin to Shine, look silky, less fall out;
  • if you have extended hair, then wash your head is in the vertical position, that is, to tilt the body over the bathtub in any case can not be, otherwise apsule slides;
  • do not apply styling products to the roots: otherwise, you may need a thorough detox procedure to remove silicone substances from the surface of the skin.

If you have long dreamed of long beautiful curls, but nature, unfortunately, you are not awarded, it is not a reason for despair. You can always turn to the master Ivanna Farysei – it is easy to realize your cherished dream. After the procedure you will get gorgeous curls, which will envy many women, and men certainly will not leave you without attention.

Why long hair is good.

Many girls are afraid to grow hair panically: it seems that they need too complex care, which is much easier to cope with short haircuts. Of course, there is some sense in these words. But, putting your hand on the heart, yet answer yourself the question: what length have you always dreamed of, if you did not stop the circumstances?

Of course, chic long curls – this is both a lot of new concerns. Need home or at a pharmacy mask, various skin-care products, special combs and more. But at the same time, these strands give a lot of new opportunities:

  • a new image every day;
  • flowing hairstyles;
  • creating a feminine image.

In London, you are always happy to help master Ivanna Farysei, is an experienced professional, for a long time specializing in the hair extensions. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of being the most beautiful!

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