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If you decided on hair extensions, and then decided to remove donor strands, it is best to turn to a professional master. He will select such a liquid that allows you to quickly and painlessly break up with the old image and go back to natural curls.

How to choose a liquid to remove the overgrown hair.

In order to remove the hair, the master will certainly pick up the right liquid, otherwise the procedure will be unsuccessful. Please note that the solution applies only for removing strands of extended keratin-based method, for all other technologies there are other methods.

The basic rule of fluid selection is its compliance with the augmentation technology. Otherwise, there is a risk of wasting both time and money – there will be no result. And in the worst case, there is also the risk of damaging native hair. Thus, the solvent for the tape material does not fit for keratin granules – it simply cannot cope.

Ivanna Farysei is doing everything possible to ensure that the hair extensions and the removal of artificial curls made the ladies only fun.

To do this, the wizard always follows the simple rules:

  • Selects tools that will be right for your hair. Individual approach-it is always very important, otherwise the hairstyle of the clients is not as beautiful as we would like;
  • Works only with trusted brands. Many people mistakenly believe that paying for a big name is just a quirk and a whim. But in fact, trusting quality firms makes sense: reduces the risk of spoiling the impression of their work;
  • Strict adherence to instructions. Hair extensions, as well as their removal, require a clear knowledge of technology. Otherwise, the result will be deplorable.

How to remove hair extensions.

In order to remove the enlarged curls, you need to use a special liquid. The procedure is carried out in several stages.

№1. The capsule is applied a little solution. Then it is necessary to wait at least 20 minutes (it is better to specify the time, each manufacturer has its own recommendations) for the tool to work.

№2. Without washing off the solution, the hair is applied nourishing balm or mask. This is necessary to ensure that the hair in the process is not damaged and lost its appearance.

№3. The master then gives heat treatment to the strands to activate the action of the tool. Selected the gentlest modes according to the hair type of each client.

№4. Extended strands are cleaned with a conventional comb-as you can see, the procedure is absolutely safe.

After removing the artificial curls on the hair is recommended to apply serum or oil, it will easily unravel the formed nodules and not break the strands. After that, you can take care of the hair in the usual mode, curls will not become too capricious.

In London, the removal of the hair extensions deals master Ivanna Farysei – a lot of girls trust her. Come to her and you!

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