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Long curls, as in advertising, are the dream of many girls, can come to the aid of capsule hair extensions. After all, not every girl can boast of good natural data: someone has rare hair, but nevertheless want a luxurious hairstyle. It makes no sense to give up, it's time to turn to the master.

Which extension is better to choose?

Nowadays, there are a lot of techniques of hair extensions, which are divided into hot and cold. Hot refers:

  • Italian method. This option is nowadays considered the most popular: from organic keratin master forms small capsules, which are attached to donor strands. Then the granule is warmed by special tongs, which allows you to fix the result;
  • English technology. It is used very rarely due to impracticality: massive capsules made of resin bring discomfort to the clients, they have to give up a number of hairstyles, very large load is applied to the roots;
  • Microcapsule hair extensions. This method, though expensive, but very high quality. Granule sizes of 2-3 mm are visible in the hair, making it appropriate even for fine hair. Such strands are not noticeable during wear, they can do an up do.

There are also cold methods:

  • Tape build-up. The bottom line is that donor strands are attached to the native strands with a special adhesive tape. The result is a very short time: eventually, the tape will slip when combing the hair can come off;
  • Japanese version. For this purpose use beads and any other metal materials suitable for these purposes. They firmly clamp the donor strand, do not let it slip, but much heavier and overload the hair roots.

So beautiful hair you can increase - is the trick resorted to by many women. Hair turns out voluminous and very natural in appearance, master right will select a suitable method of build, to ensure the best effect.

Indulge yourself.

Long hair is now the luxury that every girl can afford. Ivanna Farysei offers to your attention our services: quality work of the master at a nice price cannot but rejoice.

If you have always dreamed of luxurious curvy curls, then maybe it's time to realize the dream? With proper care, the increased curls will maintain their appearance for a very long time and delight you with their brilliance and silkiness. Let your hair do will be your pride. Attract the attention of men, play with your image, choose original hairstyles – and you will not go unnoticed.

Master Ivanna Farysei offers the most competitive rates in London: it is really a very nice offer that is hard to refuse. Treat yourself and you, because you deserve gorgeous care and luxurious hair.

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