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Many women dream of beautiful healthy curls, and the hair extension procedure helps in this well. Even if your curls are problematic from nature, a good master will certainly make your hair look irresistible.

Gentle washing-the key to a beautiful hairstyle.

The issue of washing is relevant and not only for increased strands: careful care also needs natural hair. Therefore, carefully monitor the temperature of the water: it is in any case should not be too hot. Don't be afraid of cool or lukewarm water so the hair will be less damaged.

There is a very common misconception that it is necessary to choose a shampoo specifically for increased curls. It is not so: you can use any of your favorite tool. The only exceptions are those that contain too much oil: they will destroy the capsule.

Do not be afraid of masks and balms, they just need to be applied directly to the tips. Their main task is to facilitate combing and feed dry ends. In any case, they do not treat the area near the capsules and the capsules themselves directly. Otherwise, the keratin can be destroyed. Ivanna Farysei will help you find the right tools.

In addition, when washing should follow the following rules.

№1. Immediately after hair extensions, you can wash any of your favorite shampoo. The number of such procedures does not affect the state of the capsules: the master uses a durable organic keratin. But still massage the skin better gently, much to the mounting area of the donor strand to the native not to push.

№2. Always keep the head vertically to capsules avoid confusion between himself and does not slip.

№3. Avoid shampoos to nourish dry hair – they are composed of and contain the oil, adversely affecting the overall condition of the keratin.

№4. To wash, use the shower, not the faucet. This is useful for the entire scalp as a whole, and for the roots of the hair.

As you can see, washing after hair extensions is no different from the usual – no difficulties arise.

Combing and styling after buildup.

In addition to washing, it is very important to pay attention to combing and styling – these are the moments that also require accuracy. After washing, be sure to let the hair dry naturally, do not comb them – so they can become brittle. You can only wet them with a soft towel to absorb excess moisture.

Do not direct the hair dryer to the capsules or apply styling products to them.

For combing, too, there are some rules:

  • choose a special comb made of natural or artificial bristles;
  • comb the strands carefully, hold their in the area of capsules;
  • brush your curls 3 times a day to prevent tangles;
  • be sure to comb the root zone well.

In London, hair extensions conducts master Ivanna Farysei - her work is very appreciated by many customers.

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