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Not every girl nature awarded gorgeous hair, but this issue can be solved – hair extensions will always come to the rescue. But it is very important to choose the right technology that will suit your family strands.

Capsule hair extension.

Capsule technology building is very popular among girls: it is practical and convenient, needs infrequent correction, looks very natural. Now you can create keratin capsules of minimum size, which can not be seen, they can not be felt.

There are several methods of such a procedure.

№1. Italian hair extensions. This is the most popular technique, which for several years has attracted many girls. From organic keratin master forms small in diameter capsules, which can be the same color as the roots. In order to attach the donor strand to the native, specially heated forceps are used. Fastening is very strong: you can safely comb the curls.

№2. English technology. In fact, it originated before all and became the basis for the Italian. Its essence consists in that for fastening the donor strands using a special resin and a pistol. Due to this, the capsules are very large, they greatly weigh down the area at the roots, as well as over time and are destroyed. Will have to give up high-tails, as the fixing will be immediately obvious.

№3. Microcapsule buildup. Very practical technology, the essence of which is the formation of invisible capsules of organic keratin. This is suitable for girls with rare hair, and for men.

Tape hair extensions.

Ivanna Farysei is also engaged in tape hair extensions. In fact, this method is good in terms of efficiency, as it is several times cheaper than capsule, and in terms of efficiency – the master quickly copes with its task. In addition, your native strands will not be affected by high temperatures.

This technology is suitable for any type of hair, and to remove the hair extensions will be very simple, without damaging the structure of their hairs. Tape extension is suitable even for allergies – as part of the tapes there are no harmful components. Take care of the hair is very simple-as well as for their native strands.

But the method has several drawbacks:

  • will have to give up high hairstyles-ribbons will be very clearly visible;
  • will have very often to do correction;
  • when going to the Solarium, swimming pool, beach will have to cover your head with a special cap;
  • if you care for the hair wrong, the tape will be destroyed very quickly.

Master Ivanna Farysei in London working on two technologies. Of course, capsule build-up is much more practical: it looks more natural and does not require too frequent corrections, and also allows you to experiment with hairstyles. At the same time keratin capsules do not destroy the structure of hair.

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