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Chic curls-a dream of many girls and their calling card, in order to achieve them, you can use different hair extension techniques. An experienced master will always help you to decide what is right for you.

Haircut extension hair: why it is needed.

Hair extensions also need constant care, otherwise sooner or later your head will simply appear untidy washcloth. But well-groomed strands is a woman's pride, is something that is such a pleasure to watch the men.

Many girls are increasing their curls just in order to get the necessary volume. This is especially true for owners of thin rare strands: I want to hairstyle finally became voluminous and thick. Here and help a variety of hair extension technology. It is best to cope with the task of microcapsule method: small capsules are completely invisible.

Another frequent reason for hair extensions is the length. In the case when you really want luxurious long hair, but the nature of such wealth deprived, it makes sense to contact the master for such a procedure. Ivanna Farysei will realize your dream: it turns any strands into luxurious and voluminous.

A haircut for extension hair is necessary for:

  • giving shape to hairstyle. Many people want a voluminous cascade or the beautiful groomed curls just below her shoulders. It is in these cases that a haircut will come in handy – the volume will fully remain, and the length will become necessary;
  • care tips. How would girls nor fought for a long, manicured tips and short hair will look significantly better than long locks with split ends;
  • smooth cut. Strands of different lengths on loose hair look very ugly, they will only have to mask the tails or other hairstyles. To avoid this, the master must trim the ends.

Beautiful hair is a dream of many girls. This will help not only the procedure of building, but also haircuts. As the regrowth of your native hairs will lengthen and donor strands, so control the length will need to be regular.

Provide the hair with proper care.

To ensure that your long hair looked nice and luxurious, definitely need to care for them. Haircut-this is one of the most basic steps, do not sacrifice the General view for the sake of the length.

In addition, you need to remember several rules of care:

  • wash your head in a vertical position only;
  • choose can be any shampoo, but not nutritious and not with high bones of-in the composition of the;
  • apply oils, balms, masks on the ends – so they will be much less cut;
  • for combing choose only accessories made of bristles, natural or artificial;
  • comb the strands after cutting carefully-hold the hand of the place where the capsules are located.

In London, hair extensions and cutting the hair holds a master Ivanna Farysei – she uses proper methods. Hairstyle you can do any – thing that you all liked it.

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