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Add to your hair brilliance and originality, and now it is not difficult, moreover, there is no need for a radical change of image.

The solution for every brave girl will be highlights with the help of extensions in London: all you need to do is decide on colours and to contact a professional.

A new image by taking care of your own hair.

Effect coloring, hair highlighting

We know that each colouring and highlighting is not good for the curls – they become thinner and stiffer, but if the dye was not very good quality, the consequences can be even more disastrous.

There is an alternative – hair extensions keratin. This procedure is quick and harmless, and with the proper and responsible approach of the hairstylist, you will be transformed only for the better.

Balayage highlights are carried out in several stages. Preparatory stage can be described as follows:

  • be sure the client selects an approximate palette. It is possible to make the donor strands of one colour or several colours – it all depends on your preferences;
  • from selected ratio of several shades, the master determines, which one to add and how saturated the result should be;
  • all curls are made from Russian, Slavic hair only – they work best on girls with Slavic hair structure, look organic and harmonious.
Microcapsule technology extensions, by Italian keratin reviews

The most effective way in this beauty procedure is the innovative method of hair extensions with keratin capsules. Its advantage is that it does not weigh down the roots, looks absolutely natural, doesn't damage your native hair, and does not cause allergic reactions.

The strands look very neat and "alive": they're shiny, full of strength and energy. With this technology you can achieve absolutely any length, to the extent that they can be attached to the bangs.

The capsule itself is holding the hair near the roots, creating a more natural effect. But the fine point of the capsules, is that the hot keratin, which forms it, is at such a distance so as not to touch the bulb of the hair and not to burn the scalp.

That is why you should always choose a professional: he will do the work and won't harm you.

Highlight using hair extensions- the process is laborious and requires skill. It is imperative to evenly distribute donor hair, to ensure that it looks natural and stylish, while not going over the top with a certain colour.

The Effect of Balayage highlight with extensions: how it's done.

Multi-colored hair extensions by Slavic hair photo - safe way

The entire process of creating your new image goes as follows:

  • after you have selected shades and strands themselves, comes the time for hair extensions – the creation of capsules for your natural curls;
  • alternating colours and creating a smooth transition. This is mandatory, otherwise the entire hairstyle will look ridiculous;
  • careful control of the whole procedure: the capsule size, the distance between the capsule and the roots, the length, intensity of shade and other details;
  • it is possible to experiment with risky tones, such strands can be added in required quantity and alternated with more soft colours.

If desired, the strands can be swapped or alternated in the correct sequence – it all depends on the preferences of the client.

Since this is not a hair colouring, the result will look organic - no abrupt transitions and unpredictable outcomes.

Hair Extensions with highlights in London is a procedure which that every girl can treat herself to. And the master will be only too happy to help you to feel the most beautiful!

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