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Many girls dream of thick long hair, which will emit a force of energy, health and luster. But unfortunately, not every blessed with gorgeous curls.

But there is a solution – mikro capsules extensions hair will bring your dream and make you real Rapunzel. Believe me, this effect is really more real than you think!

Latest technology for your curls.

Mikrocapsule hair extensions reviews - a quick method of hair extensions.

Hair extensions on microcapsules became the real gem of stylists – this method by which donor strands look most notably.

That is the transition from your native hair to the donor should be completely invisible, without a detailed review to reveal the artificiality is impossible.

Clients will appreciate also that this procedure can safely be carried out on thin hair – hair will be bulkier and thicker.

Mikro capsules extensions does not adversely affect your current strands, does not make heavier them and not thinning even more.

Generally speaking, microcapsule procedure, the procedure is very laborious and require from the master of excellence.

Hair extensions in the microcapsules of the photo – volumetric hair for a couple of hours

Among the main advantages of this method include:

  • compatible with any type of hair, even damaged and weakened. Pictures of mikrocapsules hair extensions you can see how lively and bright looks, the hair, how well are the strands;
  • the ability to curl, straighten, braid different: they will not lose their shape and texture, their quality does not deteriorate. Feedback about mikrocapsules hair extensions talking about this very eloquently: client literally very glad;
  • microcapsules hair extensions retains its effect for a long time: the donor hairs not combed and does not fade with proper care;
  • microcapsule hair extensions are not afraid of changes in temperature, direct sunlight – even with these factors, the curls are beautiful and shiny;
  • microcapsules for hair extensions completely justifies its name – they are so small that they are not visible. Size can be individually discuss with each client;
  • after the hair extensions using microcapsules your natural curls remain without wrinkles, which is very good for their health.

The price mikrocapsules hair extensions quite high – this is not only the quality of the procedure itself, but also the amount of effort that the master applies to achieve a perfect result.


The procedure process.

Hair microcapsules can buy from us - quality guarantee

Microcapsules hair extensions is the most unobtrusive way to give your hair volume and thickness.

It,s allow to make this procedure across the scalp, to use any area – to make longer bangs to mask a receding hairline, attach strands of hair in the temporal region.

So, here are some of the subtleties of microcapsules hair extensions:

  • you can even work with short hair – it is absolutely unimportant moment. Photo microcapsules hair extensions show you a lot of examples;
  • before each procedure, the master conducts a consultation to determine what areas need to pay more attention, what kind of structure of the donor strands to choose and other details;
  • reviews of microcapsules hair extensions you will see that this procedure does not limit you – the capsules are not visible in hairstyles , which gives vent to experiments.

The price microcapsules hair extensions not low, since the whole process requires a lot of time and patience.

Microcapsules hair extensions in London more accessible with our salon – we offer the best pricing and individual approach to customers.

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