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As everyone knows, there are lots of ways to do hair extensions. One such method is encapsulation, hair encapsulation is done with keratin capsules.

Each master in London does its job differently. Some make the capsules on donor strands in the process of hair extensions, others make a capsule on curls first, and then begin to make hair extensions and connect prepared strands with native hair.

The whole process is time-consuming, delicate work, which requires high professionalism and skills - such procedure is often requested by clients who have purchased a bundle of hair and want to apply hair extensions.


The process of strands capsulation.

Капсуляция волос фото

The main stages:

  • first of all, we have to make a choice of donor hair for hair extensions;
  • the second step is to choose a type of capsule: a standard or micro 0.3-0.5 gram;
  • from the bundle is allocated a curl of a certain thickness;
  • then it is cut with scissors leaving under the lock 4 to 5 cm total length of the hair;
  • with help of special tongs and pre-heated to a certain temperature Italian keratin of high quality the strands of appropriate sizes are capsuled.

Important! You have not saved a material, the consequences are sad after the hair extensions gradually will come out that does not bring joy! Tipping of hair is an intricate stage of preparation of the hair bundle, the cost for this service is £1.5 per capsule.


Capsulation method using a carda.

Капсулирование волос с помощью карды фото

There is another way to prepare the bundle for extensions. Working with carda - the loss of hair in such preparation is minimized, and the hair length remains the same, which cannot be said about the first method.

Hair carda is a strip of rubberized multi-layer fabric or leather, on which sharp steel needles are planted and bent at the right angle.

For better results, specialists also use the second kind of carda - a large one, where needles are situated in a staggered pattern, the purpose of which is to comb through the hair, so the ends of hair that protrude from under the small carda are put in the large carda.

The tool is tested and developed by experts.

If there is no carda the strands are cut off under the cut retainer (rubber band...) the result is 4-5 cm of length left out of the work.

The carda with small teeth, you can lay the bundle getting rid of the gum that holds the tail together.

There are examples provided on the photos.

The situation is clearer and it goes without saying that the price of hair extensions re-tipping service on carda is much higher at £2 per capsule.


My recommendation is to study the information carefully, taking into account all the nuances and make the right choice!

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