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Neat hairstyle does not only look aesthetic, it is also the desire of every girl to remain beautiful and attractive at any time.

With unkempt strands it is not possible, therefore, rebond hair extensions is a compulsory procedure. The frequency of this correction procedure varies from case to case: it all depends on proper care, how long have your natural strands grown and how quickly the donor hair shows wear!

Rebonding hair: a mandatory procedure for your hairstyle.

Correction of hair extensions carefully and quickly photo

Rebonding keratin extensions – this is a mandatory procedure, without which your hair will look unkempt.

Over time, even the best quality donor curls lose their shape and no longer look as tidy as in the first few months. The frequency of this procedure depends on the individual recommendations of the hairstylist to his client.

Speaking in the most General terms, removal of keratin hair extensions is produced approximately every two to three months.

If you chose the tape method, it makes sense to carry out this procedure twice as often.

We do not recommend to economize on this process – so you can only hurt your natural hair.

Removing hair extensions will not take long, but after the whole procedure you will see a qualitatively new strands: shiny, full of life, and strong.

Safe removal the extension hair affordable price

So, here are some of the reasons why the extensions rebonding service should be done on time:

  • your native regrown hair that have grown back will weigh down the roots, which is detrimental to the health of the strands - they will begin to fall out more;
  • an aesthetic need –various gaps should to be rectified, returning hair to a neat presentable appearance;
  • you can also renovate your hairstyle by adding something new. For example, strands of another colour, to shorten or lengthen the donor hairs – it all depends on your preferences.

Rebonding hair correction after hair extensions will not cost too much - this is an obligatory set of procedures that a girl should indulge herself.

Only after this procedure strands acquire the same appearance as after the first visit to the salon.


How does correction of hair extensions work?

For You correction procedure extension hair Italian technology

Our website presents a visual picture of hair correction where you can see how much the hair is transformed for the better.

Here are some guidelines to this procedure:

  • Your head should be unwashed. Yes, that's right – just before visiting the hairstylist, refrain from washing your hair, there is nothing to be ashamed of;
  • In order to remove the donor strand, I have a special tong and a liquid. It is painless: your native hair with the roots is not pulled out, the skin is not damaged;
  • After that, the head should be washed with a special shampoo to remove the excess grease;
  • Now I can begin to form new hair extension capsules and make the strands. Each time a capsule is cut off from the curls, they become on average 1 cm shorter. From this it is obvious that after a year of such sessions there will be a need to buy new hair.

Rebonding hair extensions prices are quite affordable. The hairstylist will charge you for his work and materials, the optimal amount that makes this procedure affordable and acceptable for each girl.

Slavic hair is well retained after several restorations, so they can be used as long as there is enough of their length.

Rebonding price will pleasantly surprise you. Come to the re-bonding keratin hair extensions in London to my salon – I guarantee that with my services you will be the most beautiful and stylish.

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