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Many girls dream of long, thick hair, but unfortunately, not everyone can fulfil their dream by themselves.

Fusion hair extensions procedure on very short hair can come to the rescue – it is absolutely painless and safe procedure that can make your curls as long as you want.

Hair extensions with keratin capsules: main procedure details.

Hair extensions on the caret photos. To make a long hair on keratin capsules

This procedure requires professionalism and accuracy as short hair need special careful approach.

Our salon uses Russian method where the strands are attached to the head with special capsules.

There is nothing to worry about: they would still allow you to brush your hair thoroughly and would not irritate the scalp.

The process of work:

  • the hairstylist divides all the hair into straight strands;
  • gets as close as possible to the base of the hair and applies the capsule with the help of hot, special keratin;
  • donor strands are attached and left in position until complete solidification of keratin.

And all this does not affect the structure of your natural strands, making the whole procedure painless and safe.


The whole process of hair extensions on short hair could be seen on the photos: we have provided the "before" and "after" stages so you can appreciate the scale of the changes on clients.

Short hair requires particularly careful approach in order for the capsule to be invisible. For this the hairstylists have done a truly fine job to try to implant a donor strand carefully. General recommendation: length of natural hair should not be less than 4”, since the transition from your natural hair to extended donor hair must remain as natural as possible.

Hair extensions without visible transition by natural hair

In order to hide the hair on the top of the head, the artist begins to strengthen the curls slightly higher than the Russian method suggests.

There is nothing wrong or incorrect in this: otherwise the extended locks will be immediately visible. But here, too, you need to be careful and leave a few native strands to hide the presence of capsules.

Adding curly locks on a bob haircut might be the best-looking option for hair extension - so the work done by the master will look even more interesting and original, and your image will turn into an airy, youthful, and playful. If you still dream of long, smooth hair, it will have to wait until the natural hair grows longer.

After the length is sufficient, you can attach a long, direct donor strand. Only with this approach your hairstyle will be complete and harmonious.

A very important point: hot fusion hair extensions on short hair prohibits put-up hairstyles and fancy styling. You should avoid such hairstyles until your native hair grows back, otherwise everybody will see that the hair is not yours.


Fusion Hair extensions on very short hair: general recommendations and price.

Hair extensions elongated Kare by microcapsules

Hair extensions require a lot of attention:

  • replace your permanent shampoo that would be suitable for daily use and have a 4.5 pH level;
  • do not use oil on the roots, the capsule can slide off;
  • the conditioner should be applied only on the tips of the hair, otherwise the roots become much heavier, but the ends will be soft;
  • on sunny days, wear a hat;
  • don't forget about re-bonding procedure.

Hair extensions prices for short hair are quite democratic: the hairstylist strives to make all of his customers happy.

Change your hairstyle as often as you wish – you deserve to be attractive and very feminine!

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