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Slavic hair extensions UK is one procedure that literally won the hearts of girls in the last few decades.

This popularity can be explained by the fact that it is the easiest and safest way to become the owner of a chic hair.

But then you have to buy quality hair for extensions, otherwise the hairstyle will look fragmented and messy. I will help you to understand the basic intricacies.

Hair for hair extensions: what are they.

Buy quality hair for hair extensions in London – the best quality

In modern salons to purchase the hair can be of several varieties:

  1. №1 Asian;
  2. №2 Slavic;
  3. №3 South Slavic;
  4. №4 European.

Each of these types has its own distinctive features, advantages and disadvantages.

№1 Low price hair usually Asian: they are tough enough, the roots are stacked in different direction.

Due to this, they are very confused, quickly come into disrepair, they are impossible to comb, hairstyle can appear even mats. After a few procedures a special silicone coating is washed away that makes the ends brittle and fluffy. Their advantage is that the combing them too often is not necessary, nor desirable.


№2 Slavic, Russian hair remain the most popular, which is not surprising. This is truly a luxury hair: all hair is carefully chosen, they are quite soft and look very natural after augmentation.

Price Russian hair higher than the other, but you can guarantee that the purchase is worth it. Slavic hair in London are in high demand, to find them easily.

Buy natural hair for quality extensions is possible

№3 Buy natural hair of South-Slavic type is also a good choice. They are usually harvested in the southern regions of neighbouring countries.

It should say that they quality is pretty good, fit for different hairstyles.

This bulk hair will cost less Slavic, and the quality is inferior, because the hair is a rigid structure, which is very rarely suitable for hair our region. To purchase this hair means to provide yourself 6 to 8 months guaranteed beauty.

№4 The final type is European. To purchase this hair is not difficult – they are very well represented, and its qualities are well suited under the title of "Golden mean".

This natural hair in London is also quite popular all thanks to a good balance between the price of purchased hair and their structure. So these strands is coated with a special silicone that makes it shiny and alive, but over time this composition is washed out.

These natural hair may only be used once, that is, correction they are not.

If you are wondering "where to buy hair for extensions", then by all means take a look at my salon for you only the highest quality Slavic hair from Ukraine - Russia and many other types. We are waiting for you!

Slavic hair on keratin capsules you can buy in London at a good price

General care.

Once you've decided what kind of hair to buy for procedure hair extensions, you should be familiar with the recommendations for their care.

As buy natural hair is not enough, you need to give comprehensive protection and care to retain its good looks all for a few months.

Here are the basic rules:

  • pick up special shampoo;
  • buying Slavic hair, you need to buy the right comb;
  • regularly go to the correction – so you will maintain the quality of the strands.

Hair price list UK

The price of the purchased hair is usually the most affordable - from 200£ per 100 grams.

Natural hair in the UK are very good, can come to the salon – the choice will delight.

I like the master saw and tried to work with different types of hair, but opted for the Slavic type. This is the hair that really deserves the title "BEST QUALITY".

Photo of hair

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