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78% of our hair is composed of a unique protein called keratin, which is the main "building material" for our hair.

Israeli brand Luxliss Cosmetics is the best suited treatment for keratin hair straightening - a procedure that is becoming more and more popular among girls. It is an effective and safe way to restore damaged hair and return its former strength.

Luxliss: the main features of the product.

Keratin Cocochoco - a live, healthy hair

Luxliss is a cosmetic product for hair straightening which includes keratin of natural origin. Its action is directed to the regeneration of the structure of the hair and its full recovery.

The effect is achieved by the fact that the substance penetrates into the interior of the hair structure, fills the damaged scales, straightens them up, and restores them as a whole.

Numerous reviews on hair straightening treatments will assure you that as a result you will get silky and healthy hair, which will delight you with its brilliance and manageability.

Among the advantages of Luxliss can be distinguished:

  • natural keratin in the composition that is exceptionally beneficial for the strands;
  • the structure of the hair recovers very quickly, the result you is noticed almost immediately after application;
  • keratin hair straightening is safe – it does not contain formaldehyde;
Hair straightening cosmetics Cocochoco – beautiful, straight hair
  • double action: the curls are protected on the inside and outside;
  • the effect lasts for a very long time, the procedure is not repeated too often;
  • the hairstyle stops frizzing, the hairs will lie exactly one-to-one;
  • keratin straightening treatment is a cumulative procedure, that is each time the result will be better and better;
  • strands are literally transformed: they become so healthy and full of energy, that they are a delight;
  • after the whole process, the styling will take you a few minutes: the hair will be easily-combed and manageable.

Keratin hair treatment cost in London is quite affordable, every girl can treat herself to such a procedure. The most important thing is to find a good master and a salon with a high reputation. The entire procedure very much depends on the competence of the hairdresser.

Safe method of hair straightening – quality work with customers

It is necessary to properly prepare your strands, choose the right type for your hair, make sure that there are no problems during treatment, and control the entire process.

That's why you have to choose real professionals.

The reviews about keratin hair straightening will tell you a lot about the master's competence, you can visually assess the results of his work.

Be sure to follow the recommendations of the stylist, so the effect will remain for a long time.

Basic rules of care after keratin hair straightening procedure:

  • within a day after the completion of the master's work it is not advisable to wash your hair even with the mildest shampoo. This is to ensure that the material is fixed in the structure of the hair;
  • if you still want to change the colour of your curls, it is better to do it two weeks before applying keratin, or two weeks after;
  • give preference to shampoos without sulphates and start using thermal protection – so keratin remains in the hair structure for a long time;
  • it is also better to avoid bleaching or colouring with products that include ammonia.

Best price for keratin hair treatment in our beauty salon

Best price for keratin hair straightening in our salon of beauty

The price of keratin hair straightening is different, but one thing can be recommended for sure: do not look for the lowest price. As a rule, bad quality materials are used and the result is deplorable.

Your curls in bad conditions are vulnerable to exhaustion, fragility, dryness, they become unruly, porous and fluffy. Luxliss' special wet formula combats these problems in a comprehensive way.

It nourishes the hair, even on the deepest level, restores even the most damaged hair, moisturizes and prevents dryness.

Keratin provides strength and protection from breakage, it gives natural shine, restores elasticity and silkiness. The curls are so alive and shiny, it is a pleasure to look at them.

Hair straightening with keratin is also becoming a very effective tool in the rehabilitation of severely malnourished strands after perming or colouring.

Keratin hair straightening procedure is different for each girl: consider the length, density, void, hair structure.

Therefore, the cost is calculated for each case separately, and with a house-call the travel costs of the hairstylist in both directions should be considered.

But in general, the price of alignment of the hair are very affordable, you can treat yourself!

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