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Beautiful obedient curls – every girl's dream, because each one wants to look irresistible. To do in London Botox for hair has become accessible to everyone!

This is a fundamentally new procedure that allows you to change hairstyle to make her irresistible. The approach for each client selected individually, allowing you to achieve the best results.

Hair treatment with Botox or keratin treatment – which is better?

Of course, hair restoration is a process deeply personal and depends on the condition of your strands.

There are two most common procedures: botox treatment and keratin treatment which have their own peculiarities. Keratin hair straightening-treatment allows you to achieve the following results:

Botox for hair, guarantee affordable cost Botox for hair – the use of Botox, the effect for a long time
  • make the strands perfectly straight;
  • get rid of split ends method of soldering;
  • returns Shine and elasticity to the hair;
  • static electricity will no longer to worry you;
  • easy combing brush literally glides across the smooth strands.

Hair treatment Botox involves a bit more effects. Among them:

  • restore the basics of hair – cortex, which is 95% depends on the amount of hair overall, as well as the strength of the hair;
  • after bleaching, the risk of yellowing is significantly reduced;
  • reaction to humidity practically disappears;
  • hair straightening Botox helps to strengthen hair throughout the length.

The main difference of cosmetic procedures is as follows. The keratin straightening-treatment is due to the fact that hair heavier, hair restoration Botox that is not intended.

Draw your attention to the fact that after straightening dyed hair can darken, so just choose a higher tone.

If your hair is curly, and you would not want to part with pretty waves, it is better to notice the Botox.

After bleaching hair is also better to pay attention to this service. The fact that the tips are very brittle and thin, that is, to straighten it,s impossible.

BBotox also seals the structure, it does not change. The procedure can be done to lighten and yellow will also be deleted. At the same time and straightening, and this service differ cumulative effect, but the result is different: keratin – 2 to 4 months, and Botox about 5-6 weeks.


Botox hair traightening - treatment – care recommendations.

Care is very simple: after you went through the process, just use a sulfate-free shampoo and the mask of the same series and the same manufacturer. After you have straighted the hair, to come to the next service costs through the month, or the curls simply won't be filled with protein, after that so often attend the master will not have.

Botox hair in London – the procedure is not a one-time, an average will need to spend 4-5 sessions (depending on the condition of your hair). Reviews about Botox for hair demonstrate that it is done and those who have clarified – it removes excessive fluffiness.

Botox treatment for hair in London also made for hair extensions so you can Shine the donor strands, which also need regular care and nourishment. Before you begin, master be sure to evaluate the condition of the hair, and only then advises the optimum procedure.

Hair Botox London price starts from ... In General, the cost will be affected by the amount of material used, which in turn depends on the length and thickness of hair. Be beautiful!

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