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The face and hair is, according to stylists and cosmetologists, the calling card of every woman.

Therefore, it is worth to remember about the constant thorough cleaning and proper care. Hair and scalp treatment procedure in London and allows to eliminate negative influence of the environment, the results of the abuse of styling products is born from other problems.

Detox for hair and scalp: in which cases is it necessary.

Peeling scalp detox – deep cleaning hair

On the head are sebaceous glands, the activity of which depends on the time of year, condition of the body, your mental health, body temperature.

Normal with fat always stands out sweat and toxins, this is an absolutely normal process required for purification of your body as a whole. But, unfortunately, natural biological position, the process turns to unpleasant effects on the hair.

The result of the activity of the sebaceous glands, it accumulates on the scalp of harmful particles that lead to dandruff, breakage and hair loss, irritation of the epidermis. Of course, impact and dust as a natural factor. Do not leave the matter unattended, you should pay attention to detox scalp scrub.

Among the main factors deteriorating the condition of the hair can highlight:

  • excessive love for styling: lacquers, foams, gels Of course, first the hair becomes like on the cover of a glossy magazine: hairs are one-to-one. But with time everything is changing dramatically: the structure of the curls deteriorates, they become brittle and hard, naughty;
  • running water. If it is stiff and overly chlorinated, the good effects don't wait for the hair to respond immediately. On the skin accumulates rust and chlorine, that deprives the strands of its former richness, beauty and splendor;
  • salt water. Undoubtedly, swimming is a very useful procedure for your body. Unfortunately, hair is not covered: the excess salt destroys the curls, so they must be thoroughly washed after being on the beach.

Scalp detox reviews confirm hair as if changes – returns the volume and reduces hair loss, dandruff disappears. Blockage of the hair follicles is something that must be fought, otherwise, all your beauty efforts will fail, nothing will help to return the strands back to life.


Scalp cleansing treatment: its purposes and functions.

Cleaning head scalp is absolutely painless and safe procedure which in very short-term returns strands to its normal condition.

The main goal is cleansing of toxins, poisons, chemicals, dust, rough epidermis, which not only bring benefits but also cause very high damage.

Deep clean scalp treatment has these goals:

  • comprehensive cleansing of the scalp: frees the pores, they start to "breathe";
  • normalization of the sebaceous glands is normalized natural oiliness of hair, the roots do not get too dry;
  • scrubbing the dead particles of the epidermis – they are not needed for the normal condition of the strands;
  • stimulation of hair growth after the hair follicles get rid of the blockage, they receive the oxygen and essential nutrients, which allows the strands to grow faster;
  • strengthening the hair. Once the follicles get rid of excess, they become stronger, curls are filled with power and energy, and the loss is practically reduced to zero.

Scalp treatment priceline in London from the hair depends on the individual clients, but always remains very acceptable. Healthier scalp – your hair will say "thank you". Now your hair will be your pride!

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