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Beautiful and manageable hair is every girl's dream. So, you want to nicely lay shimmered in the light, rejoice in their vitality and strength.

But, unfortunately, nature is not all awarded such a luxury. But that is no reason to give up – polishing the hair will solve this problem. After this procedure, the hair becomes smooth and silky, they just tuck.

Polishing hair procedure details.

Offer to polish the hair – the result is healthy, smooth strands

The technique of polishing the hair is: throughout the length of the removed protruding and split ends that give the hair a disheveled look.

It is absolutely not suffering with the length of the strands is an it's way out for all those girls who dream of long luxurious hair. After the procedure, the hair becomes smooth and well-groomed, put it becomes a lot easier.

Hair polishing reviews show that such a set of procedures has a good effect of almost any type.

But just to warn you: the owners of fine, unruly hair we recommend to pay attention to other treatments.

Every case can be turned into perfect strands that will attract admiring glances.

Hair polishing procedbre are indispensable in the following cases:

  • you often blow dry your hair, use Curling irons or flat irons, while ignoring the application of thermal protection;
  • often dyed or highlighted strands;
  • experimented with perming (especially if the curls were small);
  • hair become dry and very brittle;
  • if you want to grow strands and treasure every millimeter, not cutting off the split ends.

Advantages and disadvantages of polishing of split ends of hair.

Stylists insist that split hairs are not subject to any recovery: no help cosmetic oil or shampoo, the only way out – his haircut.

But it helps only in the case when suffering ends, but in the case when strands got corrupted along the entire length, it will definitely help correct polishing treatment for hair.

Among the advantages are:

  • hair stays in great condition for about 3-4 months, they all be smooth and silky;
  • polished split ends of hair, removes from 70 to 90% damaged structure ends;
  • hair is very easy and fast to use, respond well to laying, they start to get confused;
  • prevention of cross-section;
  • cut hair comes out very smooth and perfect that can only be achieved when using clippers hair;
  • cut the ends approximately 3 to 10 mm, but not more, that does not affect the overall length of the hairstyle.

But polishing split ends has also some cons:

  • if you have hair fall, it is better to refuse from this service;
  • the volume gets a little less than that on the thick curls not displayed;
  • it is a taboo for fine hair – they will look even thinner;
  • the effect on curly hair will be almost invisible.

If you are interested in hair polishing cost, it is quite an adequate amount of that will delight every girl. The photo of polishing the hair you can see the results of the wizard.

The procedure itself is done by the clipper. First, the processing the back of the head, where each strand is necessary to hold the nozzle at least 3-4 times. Starts the wizard or from the roots or the tips, it all depends on each case. Polishing hair in London – now available brand procedure.


Hair polishing treatment in London is now an absolutely affordable procedure.

Find your length:

Band length – 80£;

Bob hair cut length – 110£;

Shoulder length – 150£;

Blade length – 180£;

Middle of the back length – 200£;

Waist length - 250£.


Give your curls health and shine!

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