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Hairstyles for bride with veil for medium hair – more affordable prices


Wedding is a long-awaited, exciting day that you will keep in mind throughout your life, which means you have to think of a wedding appearance to the smallest details!

Everyone knows that the bride is in the center of attention at the celebration - the queen of the feast! Nowadays, the beauty industry thrives, which gives us an opportunity to create an unforgettable, easy, contemporary image.

I'm a wedding stylist who will help you make the right choice!

Start with the choice of dress, well, and I'll take care of the end of the image of an exquisite hairstyle, which will highlight your personality and cause delight in others.

Wedding hairstyles - it’s a whole art that requires a special view and a great stock of ideas. The main thing is naturalness, nothing superfluous.

I want to draw your attention to one detail, a very important accessory veil, diadem, live flowers... a symbol of purity which is an integral part of the hairstyle and image in general. Be serious about the choice of an accessory! Very important role in the process you play - the future brides!

Each bride has her own wishes, after hearing that, I can create a real masterpiece, display harmony in style!

Hairstyle must be neat, solid, unique... To give perfection in work, I use only quality, professional styling, which bear half the responsibility for the work done by me. Also very often helps Slavic, natural, hair on tips, with their help, may add the desired volume or length of hair.

Save your precious time! Order your wedding stylist at home and enjoy the unique hairstyle!

Price of work

Beautifull, future brides! The cost of wedding hairstyles depends on the complexity of work and hair length!

In work I use natural hair on tips and high-quality stylingi, which effectively allocate strands and offer the opportunity to achieve various creative styles.

And also plastic fixation of the hair is responsible for the correct,step-by-step modeling of the hairstyle, hair is elastic and retains natural movement.


1. Hairstyles:

  • short hair from - 600 UAH.;
  • average Length - from 750 UAH.;
  • long hair from - 900 UAH.

2. Evening hairstyles from - 500 UAH., depending on hair length.

3. Test hairstyle from - 500 UAH.

4. Hair on tips are included in the cost of hairstyles.

5. Departure to the house is paid by the client on both directions.


Photos of my work

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